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 I have moved to a new website at www.donnahechlerporterbooks.com. Please click the link to take you there. For a time my blog postings will still be accessible here, but I will be moving them to my new site in the next few weeks.








25 thoughts on “Welcome to my home on the web!

  1. I just finished Breaking Promises. Please let me know when #3 comes out. I’d like closure on the Cayles. 🙂

      • Thank you for replying. I realized that I also failed to say what I originally came here for. Your books are clean and I cannot thank you enough for that. They’re so entertaining without any smut. Bless you!

  2. Thank you, Laney. I try to write books like I like to read. If you follow my reviews on here or on Roses and Thorns Blogspot, I oftentimes point readers to books that are clean. Nothing is more discouraging than getting into a book that is REALLY good and coming upon a scene that is more graphic than what I want. I then have to 1) put the book down 2) pass those parts up or 3) read anyway. Very upsetting to say the least for voracious readers!

  3. I am anxious to acquire a copy of Metes and Bounds I. My uncle, Daniel Francis McQueen told me about it at this year’s McQueen family reunion. He says you probably remember him b/c he sent you materials when you were working on it. I really want to read it while preparing for the big 300th anniversary reunion in 2016. Can you help?

  4. Hi, Donna! I am looking forward to purchasing Metes and Bounds III this month. (I have both Volumes I and II.) I am a John McQueen/Nancy Crews descendant through their daughter Elizabeth McQueen Barclay.

  5. Hi, Donna!

    A quick comment (correction/added info) on Metes and Bounds III which I received in the mail today. My 2nd great-grandfather Napoleon Bonaparte Barclay (p. 414) is living in his own household in Tyler County in 1930 (#211), and not in James and Mary Riley’s household (#210). Napoleon and Martha Boyd Barclay only had two daughters – Eva Virginia Barclay Kelley and my great-grandmother Viola Ida Barclay Williamson. They also had three sons, Bronson Cooper, William Thomas, and Richard Boyd Barclay (who married his cousin Stella, daughter of Bishop Anderson Barclay and Dora Ann Dean). Martha Isabella Boyd had 2 children by George Delaware Hignett, who were John Francis M. and Sarah Eliza Hignett. John Hignett married his half-sister Viola “Ola” to Frederic Ancel Williamson in April 1917.

    I can’t wait to dig into the rest of the book! It looks marvelous! Thank you for all your hard work on documenting our family, it is very much appreciated!


  6. Hi Terry – So glad to hear from you! I apologize for the mistake. I also notice you have quite a bit on Napoleon and Martha. Would you be willing to share what you have or possibly write a blog entry on my companion genealogy blog @ http://www.theflyingshuttle.blogspot.com? I typically offer corrections and/or new information there so readers can locate such, as well as write up stories that I don’t have the space for in my books. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book!

  7. Donna, I would be glad to write and share what I know about Napoleon (Pole) & Martha’s (Mattie’s) family. It may take me a few days or so to gather my information, check records and reread my grandmother’s notes. I also have a few pictures if you would like to include those as well.

  8. Oh Terry, that would be fabulous! I can’t wait, and yes the pictures would be priceless to add as well! You can send it to my email at donnahechlerporterbooks.wordpress.com, Looking forward to reading about Martha and Napoleon (whose name I have always found particularly intriguing!)

  9. Donna, I keep getting a message from Gmail that my email to you has been rejected by wordpress.com. I tried to send the story and the photos separately instead of in a zip file, and that method failed as well.

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