Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, I’ve been a bit absent from the blog. Rest assured, if I’m not writing on here then I’m writing on the second book of my Children of the Light Series, Breaking Promises. Many of you are asking about it. All I can say at this point is it is still projected to be ready by January of 2015, and I am hard at work.

In other news, Keeping Secrets, beginning sometime the week of August 25th, 2015, will be available on Nook, Kobo, and ibooks. It will continue to be available on Kindle and in Paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a variety of other stores as well.  I am excited about venturing forth from Amazon and hoping for good things in the future.

Please continue to leave me reviews if you would. Reviews encourage other readers, who do not know of my work, to take a chance on me by reading my book. I appreciate any and all I can get. I read every one and usually offer my individual thanks for them.

Thanks so much for everyone who has left them. It’s the best way to let me know you enjoy my work!


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