Small Bits of News

Well, I finally did it! I got pictures made for my webpages. Let me first say that I HATE getting my picture taken. I’m not photogenic, and on top of that I see every flaw I have. I could never get into selfies!

My young friend and aspiring ph023otographer Amberlyn Fagala was gracious enough to spend about an hour with me last weekend. She took some fabulous pictures. They are posted on the main page of my website, on my Facebook profile, and on my “About Me” page as well. She did an awesome job and I am grateful for her generosity. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

In other news, I will be a bi-weekly book reviewer with author Rochelle Weber on her Roses and Thorns Blog. You can catch me there every other week. I am really excited about this opportunity and grateful Rochelle has allowed me to contribute.

The second edition of Metes & Bounds II: David Crews, Ancestors & Descendants is nearing completion. I have a few loose ends to tie up research wise, then I will go to the final stages of publication. You can follow me on Facebook and/or sign up for email announcements when this blog has been updated. There will be a trailer coming soon, too.

Breaking Promises is coming along as well. Many of you have asked about the progress. Its nice to know my readers are anxious for more of the Cayles and McKechnies. It is rolling along nicely. I hope to have a cover reveal coming soon along with a trailer and snippets from the novel.


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