The Tunnel’s End


I love this part of a project, when I am close enough to finished I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. When one project is winding down and I start musing about the next in the extra recesses of my mind. When all that is required is editing and proofing, formatting, and the trailer is all but completed as well.

I am headed out this morning to get a visor fixed on a much needed car we purchased yesterday for my husband. That Aveo was literally on its last tire – er – leg. I can honestly say, we got our money’s worth and eight years out of the vehicle. I couldn’t have asked for more.

After that I, will be Walmarting for much needed groceries. God has blessed us not only with eight years out of a cheap car, but we have thus far managed to navigate the aftermath of my husband’s open heart surgery with a lot of penny pinching, a few sacrifices, and a number of financial blessings thrown in our path. Hubby’s first paycheck came yesterday, so I hope to restock my kitchen and freezer over the next few days so meal planning is less an exercise in creativity and more an exercise in enjoyment.

After that, I am hoping to finish first round edits on the history portion of Metes & Bounds III: John McQueen & Nancy Crews, Ancestors & Descendants. Then, tomorrow, I’ll move to first round edits on the genealogical listing, which is another 300 pages. This book is massive, and while there are always rabbits to chase, I am not going to do so aymore. The work is already huge, and I have a plotted novel about John Cayle and Sarah Grayson calling my name. rabbit-471928_960_720 (1)I much prefer moving toward the end of the tunnel than looking down dark, skinny rabbit holes!

Don’t forget to post pics of your favorite comfort food for January’s Cooking Challenge to my Facebook page. If I get at least twelve pics throughout the year, then those posting pics get one entry for each pic into a drawing at the end of the year for a $25 gift card and an autographed copy of whichever book of mine they choose – novel or genealogy!

I am already working on the food challenge for February. I learned my lesson! I will cook it ahead of time before posting, so your adventure into the past might be more enjoyable!

Blessings to everyone this weekend!





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