Looking for a few good – readers?

One of the things I am most often asked about is my hypothyroidism.


Want to know what hypothyroidism feels like? This. This is what it feels like. (Photo courtesy of pixabay.com)

How did I feel before I was diagnosed? How do I feel now?

What medication do I take? What doctor do I see?

And then the individual begins listing a myriad of symptoms, and I shake my head in agreement.

Initially, I could answer their questions in a few quick sentences.

Now, ten years later, I cannot. Not only that, but remembering all of it for a conversation, simply because there is so much of it now, is hard on my aging brain.

For the most part, for the past six years of those ten, I have had this disease under control. However, I had a set back this past summer due to a pharmaceutical error, and I found myself right back where I started from.


While on the couch doing nothing but – laying on the couch – and all summer – I started to look back on this disease and the toll it has taken on me and my family the past ten years. On the hours it has sucked from my life. On the days it has rendered me useless to myself and anyone else. And I decided that when I was better, I would write it all down in the hopes of helping others not only understand this disease but encourage them to seek help.

So Will Someone Please Shoot the Cuckoo? was born.guncuckoo-page-0

In anticipation of a release date – hopefully next month – I am looking for a few good readers – 30 to 50 to be
exact. To those readers, I will be giving away an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Will Someone Please Shoot the Cuckoo?  in exchange for a review of that book to be posted before the book’s release date.

What is an ARC? It is a copy given away before the release date of the book, generally in exchange for a review. The ARCs are digital and not paperback, although there will be a paperback version available for purchase.

If you are interested, email me at donnahechlerporterbooks@gmail.com. I will send you an email with the particulars and you can make a decision as to whether you would be interested.

Feel free to pass this information along to family and friends. I am particularly interested in individuals who have had hypothyroidism, think they might have it, or know someone who does or might. This book will speak to them especially.



3 thoughts on “Looking for a few good – readers?

  1. Interesting topic, Donna…of course, I’m sure you have other words for it! 🙂 There ought to be a grimace smiley, so consider that a grimace, or a wry smile! I will be contacting you regarding your ARC, sugar 🙂 Lo

  2. Donna, I’ve tweeted and put on Facebook [😊] Also left you a private email [😊] Good luck with your reader response. [😊]





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