The Voices are Gone, The Voices are Gone, But Not For Long For Long . . .

The voices in my head are finally silent.

The Rood is finished.


Yep – I know I sound crazy, but it’s true. I write to get the stories out of my head and the voices to quit talking.

Maybe I need therapy of one kind or another?

I also must confess that once that final button is pushed – although there is a myriad of smaller buttons and even longer waiting times as business and publishing houses on their end get the book up and running with all its links – I always feel a little off-kilter. Maybe it’s finally saying goodbye to the story, or some of the characters, or the fact the project is finished and suddenly the back of my mind is not occupied with my friends and their desperate struggles.

But I digress from the real point of this post.

You can find links for purchasing The Rood here.

If you are interested in obtaining a FREE digital copy of The Rood in exchange for a review, contact me at I will give you a link to Instafreebie and you then claim your copy. They send you an email for another link to either a pdf, mobi, or epub. You choose your preference and download your book. Its easy peasy.

And finally – for you local yocals – I will be at the Sam and Carmena Goss Memorial Library in Mt. Belvieu on December 2 from 9:30 to 12:30 for a Holiday Meet-and-Greet and Book Signing. I will have copies of all of my novels for purchase, including The Rood. Come by and chat, perhaps pick up some books for Christmas presents, or just say hello.

A Meet-and-Greet and Book Signingadjusted-page-0

And now – to listen to voices  – new and old – as they insist their story be told next in Book 2 of The Marylanders – The Brooch.










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