Metes & Bound I: Dugal McQueen & Some Descendants

He was raised in freedom, but honor forced him into servitude and changed his destiny forever.


Dugal McQueen was born about 1792 near Inverness, Scotland. Likely the son of a chief, he was banished from the Highlands and forced into indentured service upon his arrival in the American colonies. After his service was up, he married and obtained land in the present day Westminster, Maryland area.

This first volume in the Metes & Bounds Series traces not only Dugal’s early history, but his son, Thomas McQueen, and grandsons Thomas, Joshua, and others as they fought in the American Revolution, participated in various Indian wars, and ultimately settled in Madison County, Kentucky and beyond.

Included are family group sheets, documents, maps, and personal histories on many of his descendants. Much of the history is drawn from Joshua McQueen’s interview in the Draper Papers as well as other primary resources.


I will soon go into working on a second edition of Metes & Bounds I with updated and new information. A preliminary release date is set for December 2017 or the winter of 2018.

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