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Metes & Bounds Series

I will soon begin working towards a second edition of Metes & Bounds I: Dugal McQueen & Some Descendants. I have targeted a December 2017 or early winter 2018 release date for this week that will round out the Metes & Bounds Series of genealogy books on the McQueen & Crews Families.




 He was raised in freedom, but honor forced him into servitude and changed his destiny forever. 

Out of print!

2nd Edition available late 2017 or early 2018!


The story of a youncowswithbars-page0001 (1)g man raised in a religion of peace coming of age in a young nation bent on war. 



He was born into a world of violence.  She was born into a family of peace. Together, they founded a dynasty. 


Stand Alones



A man. A woman. A decision that changed their life forever. 

Note: If purchasing Metes & Bounds II, it is not necessary to purchase this volume as these chapters are already included in that work.



Four Generations – Three Countries – One Dream

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