I Will Go With You: The Hechlers from Germany to Russia to America

newhalfcover-page-0Four Generations 

Three Countries 

One Dream

In four generations, Matthias Hechler and his descendants immigrated from Gemersheim, Germany to Speier, Russia and on to southeast Texas. Always drawn by the promise of a better life, and with great faith in their God, they bore the hardships necessary to start over time and time again. This book traces the history of Matthias Hechler, through son and grandson, Johann “Jakob” Hechler and Joseph Hechler, and finally great-grandson Dominic Hechler and his family as they leave Russia for Texas.

 The book includes documents, family group sheets, family photographs and interviews collected over a thirty year period.

An extensive bibliography with individual source notes detailing the vital statistics on all individuals listed in the book rounds out this work.

Available in Paperback from Amazon & Createspace. Click on the icon below to purchase. Please consider purchasing from Createspace as Amazon takes literally half of my profits.


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