Binding Fire

A woman without hope, a man determined to save his family, and a past that could forever change their future. 



An Estranged Husband

David Cayle wants nothing to do with his wife. He may have broken promises, but she kept secrets.  Important ones. His only hope to mend his shattered self is to start over in the backcountry far away from her and Cayle Farms.  But walking away from her is not as easy as he thought, for she is not done with her secrets, and this one will change his life forever.

A Frightened Mother

Annie Cayle faces an unknown future. Despite her last days at Cayle Farms and the danger she left behind, she is desperate to return home. When David Cayle arrives unexpectedly in Richmond, she asks him to change his plans for the sake of her unborn child. But home is not safe, and neither is Cayle Farms.

A Child that Binds

With their friendship torn apart, and their marriage shattered beyond repair, David and Annie must forge a new destiny for the sake of their child. But when old enemies exact revenge they are forced to confront past secrets and broken promises.

But can David face his deepest fears to save his wife? Or, in the end, will the past destroy them both?



Binding Fire will be available in digital format at the following locations beginning on or before October 15th. At that time, you may click on the icon to purchase.

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Available in paperback at the following locations. Click on the icon to purchase.

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Available in large print editions at the following locations. Click on the icon to purchase.



If you are going to purchase a paperback, please consider buying from Createspace. When Amazon and Barnes & Noble sell my books, they take literally half of my royalty. Thanks so much!



coverksredblue-page-0 (3)Book One, Children of the Light Series

bpcoverhalf-page-0 Book Two, Children of the Light Series

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