Keeping Secrets

A woman with a past, a man determined to uncover the truth, and a secret that could tear them apart forever.


coverksredblue-page-0 (3)A Grieving Father 

Amon Cayle needs a seamstress. He has spent the last year rebuilding his life after the tragic death of his wife in a kitchen fire, the same fire that nearly took the life of his eldest son as well. The business of grieving their loss, as well as the work of his tobacco plantation, has caused him to neglect the simplest of tasks. His family now needs clothes and despite his dislike for Mary McKechnie, and their shared past, he offers her the job.

A Desperate Mother 

Mary McKechnie needs a job. Her brother has threatened to take her daughters and place them into indentured service if she can’t provide for them. He hasn’t made it any easier by insisting she work only for fellow Quakers. When Amon Cayle offers her a job, she has little choice but to accept.

A Devastating Secret

The last time Amon spoke with Mary, after she walked away from him into the arms of another man over twenty years ago, she assured him she was not keeping secrets. He didn’t believe her then, and he doesn’t believe her now. While she is working for him, he is determined to find answers. She is just as determined to not give them.

Will Mary be able to save Amon from the past? Or will her secret tear them apart forever?



Winner of the 2013 RWA Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest for Best Historical Fiction


2nd Round Finalist 2015 RONE Awards



Finalist in the 2014 RWA Las Vegas I Heart Indie Contest for Best Front and Back Cover
 2014 IDA Finalist Badge
4th Place 2014 RWA Oklahoma International Digital Awards for Best Historical Fiction


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Available in digital format at the following locations. Click on the icon to purchase.

Available in digital format at the following locations. Click on the icon to purchase.


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Available in paperback at the following locations. Click on the icon to purchase.

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If you are going to purchase a paperback, please consider buying from Createspace. When Amazon and Barnes & Noble sell my books, they take literally half of my royalty. Thanks so much!


bpcoverhalf-page-0 Book Two, Children of the Light Series

 bfcoverhalf-page-0 Book Three, Children of the Light Series


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