The Place of Our Abode: John Crew & Sarah Gatley

A man. A woman. A decision that would change their lives forever. 

johncrewhalfcover-page0001  John Crew, the known progenitor of the Crew family of Charles City County, Virginia, first appears in records when he is sued over the killing of a pig owned by Thomas King. A few short years later, John and his young wife, Sarah Gatley, chose to leave the faith of their youth to follow a sect founded in England by George Fox and called the Society of Friends. Known as the Quakers, they were hated by the established church and misunderstood by everyone else. They were pious, stubborn, and determined to follow God on their own terms. For John and Sarah, the decision would change their life forever even as their son, David, later left the sect.

This volume encompasses the first chapters of Metes & Bounds II: David Crews, Ancestors & Descendants for those individuals related to John Crew and his son David Crew who married Mary Stanley. It does not include descendant listings beyond John’s children and David’s children, but does give a history of both families based on many primary sources. A chapter on the Stanleys has also been included.

Customers who purchase Metes & Bounds II need not purchase this volume as these chapters are included in that work. 

The following surnames occur at least one time The Place of Our Abode. A surname’s appearance here, however, does not necessarily mean that individual is in any way related to John Crew or Sarah Gatley. 

Adams, Ballard, Ballew, Basham, Binford, Bond, Boyle, Bradford, Brooks, Bumpass, Carew, Carlew, Chilton, Clayton, Cobb, Crawford, Crew, Crews, Crispe, Dabney, Dickinson, Ellyson, Everitt, Frost, Gatley, Glenn, Harman, Harris, Heatherly, Hignett, Holland, Holmes, Howard, Hoy, Hubbard, Hudson, Hunter, Huston,  Johnson, Jones, King, Ladd, Lane, Lead,Lead/Ladd, Lee, Linscombe, Liscombe, Logan, Magee, Markham, Marks, Massey, McGary, Morris, Parke, Pleasants,Sanders, Scarburgh, Smith, South, Southall, Standley, Stanley (Stanly), Stanley, Stith, Thompson, Tompkins, Wathen, Welch, Williams, Williford,  Wilson, Woodhouse, Woodson,

The Place of Our Abode: John Crew & Sarah Gatley is available in paperback in a full color edition or a less expensive black and white edition. Please consider purchasing your edition from my publisher Createspace, as Amazon takes literally half of my profits.
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