Breaking Promises

A woman dedicated to peace, a man destined for war, and a journey that will change them forever. 


A Haunted Young Woman

Annie McKechnie is desperate to go to the backcountry to her twin sister, Katie McKechnie Sawyer. She is convinced doing so is the only way to end the dreams that haunt her nights and follow her days. The one man who can help her find peace is David Cayle, and she hates him for it.

 A Devoted Son

David Cayle, back from a tour of duty with the Virginia militia, is determined to mend the breach he created his with father. Taking the man into the backcountry to rescue his wayward sister, however, was not what he had in mind. Annie’s insistence on going makes matters worse, until it becomes obvious that leaving her behind is more dangerous than taking her along. Or is it?

A Harrowing Journey

A young nation fights for its destiny, and the backcountry is no place for the faint of heart. Only the stoutest souls and strongest minds endure.

But can David keep his promises? And what secrets is Annie still keeping?




Nominated for a RONE Award (Reward of Novel Excellence) 2016


Finalist in 2016 Las Vegas’ Chapter “I Heart Indie” Contest for best front and back cover copy


To purchase a Kindle edition from Amazon go here

To purchase a paperback from Createspace go here. (If possible, please purchase from here and not Amazon, as the royalties author’s received from Createspace are double from those of Amazon.)

To purchase a paperback from Amazon go here

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coverksredblue-page-0 (3)       Book One, Keeping Secrets (press back button above to get to book)

bfcoverhalf-page-0     Book Three, Binding Fire (press back button above to get to book)


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